Nov 28, 2010

Simple MVC new version released

The new version of Simple MVC is Proudly released! This version fixes many bugs and offers new functionnalities. Here is the Change log:

  • Several Bug Fixes in the Core Package
  • Added Session Manager
  • Added Form Decorators
  • Added Access Handling
  • Added Configurable User Rights Manager
  • New FormElement Validators
  • Enhanced the MVC
  • Added a Debug Console
  • Added a default Demo Application

Simple MVC Documentation will be tutorial based. As a first tutorial, you can check the “Iphone Application With Simple MVC and jQuery Mobile“, which will show you how to develop in a few hour a complete RSS Feed. More tutorials are on the way to expose each time a functionnality or a feature of the Framework.

Simple MVC demo application

Iphone Application with Simple MVC and jquery Mobile

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